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Dr. Ricardo Izurieta Mora Bowen

Firm: Izurieta Mora Bowen Abogados
Country: Ecuador

Practice Area: Full Service

  • Avenida Amazonas N35-89,
    Edificio Amazonas 4000,
    5to piso.
The Law Firm Izurieta Mora Bowen is incorporated as a Liability Company Limited under the laws of the Republic of Ecuador. Its seat is the city of Quito with representative offices in all major cities in Ecuador and one hundred and nine countries in the world. Its foundation dates from 1941 when his inspiring and first president Dr. Ricardo Izurieta del Castillo , now deceased, established the Law Office with and this long history of more than six decades.

Its mission is to serve the national community and international repute and efficiency professional . The professionals who comprise it have been studied in Ecuadorian universities and institutes specialized abroad: States United and Europe.

The firm's broad and important portfolio of customers have expressed their satisfaction of receiving the professional services of the Practice.

Recognized internationally, the law firm Izurieta Mora Bowen was chosen as a founding member of TerraLex - one of the most important and numerous chains of law firms worldwide, allowing the firm to assist clients who need legal help anywhere in the world from its offices in Ecuador. The firm also serves foreign clients with legal needs in any city of Ecuador.

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