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Ali Al-Hebshi

Firm: Advocacy & Legal Consultations Office (ALCO)
Country: Yemen

Practice Area: Arbitration

  • Republic Of Yemen - Sana'a
    United Nation St. - Al Mutahar building
    P.O. Box 2536
Mr. Ali Al-Hebshi is the Principal as well as the founder of the Advocacy & Legal Consultations Office located in the capital city of Yemen Republic. 

Mr. Ali obtained a license of law from Damascus University in 1974 and a Diploma of the National School of Magistrate, France in 1977.

Mr. Ali used to be a lecturer of Commercial Law in the School of Military, Sana'a 1975.

Mr. Ali worked as a legal advisor for significant governmental corps in Sana'a (Yemen's capital city), namely the Legal Council of the Presidential Office and the Confederation of the Yemeni Cooperative Development Association.

Mr. Ali's good reputation within the Rep. of Yemen along with the wide experience he has, particularly in the fields of Civil and Commercial Law, entitled him to be selected, pursuant to a Ministerial Decree, as a member of the Committee which was officially charged with drafting the Civil Law of Yemen in 1991.

Mr. Ali's growing reputation enabled him, in addition, to be a member of the Teaching Corps of the High Institute of Judiciary in 2002.


Mr. Ali, as one of the leading lawyers in Yemen, was elected President of the Yemeni Bar Association, Sana'a branch, in 1993.

Mr. Ali is a member of the Yemeni Bar Association, Sana'a branch, The Arab Bar Association, The Conciliation, Arbitration and Expertise Centre (CCAE)-CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE FRANCO-ARABE(CCFA) as an Arbitrator and Expert, The Arab Association for International Arbitration-Cairo, and a member as well as a founder of the Conciliation and Arbitration Centre of Yemen located in Sana'a.


The Advocacy & Legal Consultations Office (ALCO) was found in 1978.

Initially, the firm involved in providing advices and handling cases in the different fields of laws.

Recently, the firm becomes specilalized in Business laws and other related fields such as Taxation, Commercial Arbitration, Contracting, Banking, Agencies & Foreign Companies Branches and Intellectual Property laws.  .

Owing to a broad experience gained through many years of practice, particularly in the commercial fields, the Firm represented by its principal was authorized to represent international corporations in international commercial arbitration cases.

Currently, The Firm consists of three practitioners and a trainee.

The Firm also represents its clients in all forms of litigation with respect to its practice areas, and it further represents its clients, when required, before the official and governmental corps. 

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