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Dorothée Madiya

Firm: Le cabinet Dorothée Madiya
Country: Congo

Practice Area: Mining

  • Future Tower 3rd Floor, Suite 302
    42 Boulevard du 30 Juin
    Kinshasa / Gombe, DRC
The intervention of August 10, 2012 Master Dorothy Madiya the Mining Days organized by the Congolese Ministry of Mines as part of the celebration of 10 years of the Code Miner at the International Fair of Kinshasa, 2012 edition

Lawyer at the Bar of Kinshasa / Gombe Agent in mines and quarries Law degree, option "economic and social right," University of Kinshasa "UNIKIN" (1994) DEES Business Law, Panthéon Assas, Paris II (2003 - 2004)
languages: English, French (Average) and Lingala.
Dorothy Madiya Mwamba is entitled to counsel, mines and quarries, areas in which she has a extensive knowledge of the workings of the Congolese national administration. Incidental to these main areas, Dorothy is involved in oil and gas law, law of electricity, banking law, corporate law, commercial law, tax law and labor law. Founder of the firm DM, Dorothy is known for its excellent managerial capacity.
- Member of the editorial board of the law review "Juricongo" (1998) 
- Member of the International Union of Lawyers (since 1998) 
- Intervention programs Participations and the third day mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2008 ) 
- Under the old law, drafting and negotiation of mining agreements on behalf of several mining companies. 
- Drafting and negotiation of preliminary agreements on mining on behalf of foreign companies. 
- Participation in the seminar on the mining sector's contribution to the recovery of economic activity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2002)

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