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Geordie Bulmer

Firm: AISA Retirement Planning
Country: United Kingdom - England

Practice Area: Inheritance

  • 10 Prince Maurice Court, Hambleton Avenue
    SN10 2RT
Geordie has an Economics degree, a Financial Services Diploma and over 20 years experience in Financial Services. As a UK regulated Independent Financial Adviser who specialises in pensions and inheritance tax planning he holds an important role on the AISA Investment Committee due to his qualifications. 
With recent changes to Inheritance Tax rules, he has seen an increase in demand for tax planning strategies that allow clients to reduce their tax liability but still achieve their financial objectives such as access to capital and/or income. 
Geordie has featured in various financial publications, including Money Observer and The Financial Times, writing on topics such as Inheritance Tax and Retirement Planning. He was also the cover star of Citywire’s New Model Adviser in May 2016 which highlighted his passion for Skydiving.
he has been awarded ‘Inheritance Tax Planning Adviser of the Year in 2018 and 2019 by Finance Monthly and ‘Leading Tax Planning Adviser of the Year, the UK’ by Wealth & Finance Magazine.

The Firm

AISA (which stands for Advanced Independent Specialist Advice) have over 500 active clients and manage over £120 million of client assets. They have a history of successful seminars with presentations on Inheritance Tax, Retirement Planning and Investment Asset Allocation, although more recently they are using modern media in the first instance to assist and educate their clients.
AISA adheres to strict Financial Conduct Authority guidelines and they provide advice most suited to clients personal requirements, affordability and risk profile.
They have a wealth of experience and have won a number of awards over the years, including 2017 where they received ‘Excellence in Investment Planning UK’ and ‘Best Practice UK, Europe and Overall (an impressive 3 awards!) at the International Investment Awards.
The group also operates AISA International which has offices around the world.

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