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Mohamed Nakhli

Firm: Nakhli Law Firm
Country: Morocco

Practice Area: Commercial

  • 55 Avenue Mohamed V building JAKAR
    2nd Floor No. 10
Mohamed Nakhli, Barrister in Marrakech approved near the Supreme Court, specializing in consulting and litigation in business law.
He is a Doctor of Business Law (Law Faculty at Montpellier I) and holder of Advanced Diploma of Higher Education in Law Applied Private and Diploma of Higher Studies in Law Specialty of Industrial Affairs and Agreements.
He is also :

- Professor of Higher Education at Cadi Ayyad University (UCAM)
- Director of the Research Group in Business Law and Taxation
- Director of Collection Law Moroccan Business and Enterprise (CDMAE)
- Director of Commercial Law Review Moroccan and Business
- International Expert in the field of ADR
- Author of several books and articles specialized in Commercial Law and Business

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