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Wim Ritz

Country: Luxembourg

Practice Area: Corporate Finance Advisory

NDIGO, your partner for Independent Directors and Governance, provides Management & Consultancy services.

We are living in an era of regulatory and technological disruption. For companies to survive and grow, it is paramount to build a resilient business. In the current climate of heightened risk awareness, digitalisation and economic substance requirements, Investors and their Boards are recognising the need to adjust their usual way of doing things. Business resilience is the ability an organisation has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity. 

INDIGO is an independent management and consultancy company, headquartered in Luxembourg. 

Our founder and Managing Partner is Wim Ritz, a senior c-suite executive with 20+ years relevant experience in funds and corporate investment services.

INDIGO, your partner for Independent Directors and Governance, provides Management & Consultancy services to Investment Funds, Corporate Companies, Family Offices and Private Clients. We focus on achieving superior financial outcomes for our clients across the following business lines : Corporate Advisory, Fund and Corporate Management & Capital Solutions.

INDIGO guides you during the entire lifecycle of your business and investments : from sourcing, over incorporation, (re)structuring, operational optimisation until sale, transfer and/or liquidation.

As a global platform, we partner with our clients to gather the building blocks required to bring companies to the next level.

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