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Giancarlo Cipolla

Firm: Studio Legale Cipolla
Country: Italy

Practice Area: International

  • Corso Monforte, 16

Coming from an ancient and noble family of jurists, Attorney Giancarlo Cipolla successfully followed in the footsteps of several previous generations. Owing to a strong spirit of sacrifice and independence, he created the Studio Legale Cipolla based in Milan where he specialized in Tax Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, European Union Law, Banking Law and Industrial Law.

For several years he has been passionately working for the safeguard of Human Rights on behalf of foreign Governments, embassies and consulates. The innovative judgements obtained in Human Rights proceedings concluded at the Supreme Court of Cassation, attracted the attention of the press and television also, in Italy and abroad (namely in the United States and in Central and South America) and have become the subject of a documentary.

Since 1996, most of the legal cases discussed by Attorney Giancarlo Cipolla have been mentioned by national juridical-economic press, as well as national and foreign scientific journals, fostering academic debates in universities.

He also released numerous juridical publications.

The value of his dedication to the job and to social justice has been recognized through several academic honours, titles and certificates, both at national and international level

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