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Athens Financial Services

Firm: AFS# mazimegalonoume
Country: Greece

Practice Area: Accounting Services

  • poseidos 6 kallithea
    south coast riviera of Athens
With executives and partners of high standards we provide all the guarantees and the appropriate long-term planning for your needs, being at the cutting edge of developments in taxation and business organization as well as outstanding for individuals.

Our first priority is the high level of services and the best result for each customer in any case, with our partners constantly trained on the new financial and insurance data.

Our services concern a wide range of tax, accounting, advisory and insurance products, fully harmonized with modern requirements and legislation, and our aim is to improve and design new services and products that fully meet all the needs of our customers.

The fast and reliable service of our customers is a result of the organization, experience, technological infrastructure and responsible information values of our company.

At the same time, the use of technologies and systems, as well as our cooperation with leading lawyers, notaries, engineers and insurance companies ensures the top quality of the services we offer.

At Athens Financial Services, our long experience, insight and daily information are aimed at the correct, consistent and continuous satisfaction of our customers, in any matter.

Moreover, recognizing the current economic situation, we have adjusted our charges accordingly, always in relation to the high level of services and products provided.

The development of personal contact with our customers is a priority for us, so that our cooperation develops within a framework of mutual trust.

At a time of successive economic and insurance reforms, rigorous controls, high fines and reduced coverage our main priority is for you to feel safe and completely satisfied.

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