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If you are having difficulty using Global Advisory Experts or you require some additional information concerning the website and its various processes – answers to your questions may well be below. If the required details are not highlighted in the below FAQ please feel free to contact GAE on or call +44 (0) 870 977 1000 for more information.

What is Global Advisory Experts?

GAE is a recommendation service and reference source profiling leading advisory experts in over 140 countries. Businesses and individuals alike are able to locate and contact our listed experts in their required jurisdiction for their specific needs without having to conduct costly and time consuming independent research. Each listed expert is a leading figure in their chosen area of specialism. As a result this enables GAE to be used as an internal referral network for the advisory firms and experts profiled. GAE also acts as a portal for the advisory community to keep up to date on current news and relevant events / conferences all around the world.

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Who uses Global Advisory Experts?

Visitors and registered users of GAE are mainly Business Directors, In-House Council, Investors or independent Advisory Firms. Most visitors are looking for representation, trying to find an advisory expert to assist them in another country / area of specialism or simply conducting research.

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How does Global Advisory Experts compile its recommended firms / what research is conducted?

Each January and July GAE distributes its Recommendation Questionnaire to over 45,000 Business Leaders, Advisers and In-House Council all over the world. The results of the Recommendation Questionnaire form the basis of the research process moving forward. Each relevant firm nominated for an available position is screened by the GAE research department – they look into the individual expert, the firm as a whole, its affiliations, clients and past transactional / case history. Successful applications are then passed onto the Nominations Panel. The Panel is comprised of a pool of leading figures in the international advisory community including the directors of a number of global advisory networks / alliances, in-house council for a variety of top companies and the heads of a multitude of public and private businesses. The firm and relevant expert is then contacted and given the opportunity to be profiled on GAE as a recommended adviser.

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How can I make a recommendation for a firm or colleague to appear on GAE?

If you wish to recommend an advisory firm / expert, put yourself or a colleague forward or enquire as to joining the Nominations Panel or become a Recommendations Questionnaire recipient – please contact the nominations team on

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How do I become a Global Advisory Expert?

Only those individuals who are recommended or apply to be profiled will go through the GAE application and research process. The standard of profiled individuals and firms is very high – as a result following the research process and subsequent conclusion of the Nominations Panel only a small selection applications are successful. Financial incentives or contributions have no influence on the application or research processes.

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