Obtaining a Gambling License: a Gaming License in the Isle of Man vs. a Gambling License in Curaçao

Published: 06 Feb 2020

To provide customer services legally, any online gaming website must obtain a special license issued by the competent licensing body. There are certain areas where the legislation allows the licensing and regulation of companies operating in the online gambling sector.

This article offers a review of the gambling license in the Isle of Man and gaming license in Curaçao. Those are very popular jurisdictions where a license can be obtained, enabling legal development of your gambling business. A gambling license will help establish a positive image for your company and present it to the client as a reliable institution.

Getting a gambling license in the Isle of Man: licensing peculiarities

The Isle of Man is known to be a self-governing British Crown dependency whose government is favorably disposed towards the gambling industry growth.

The Isle of Man is considered one of the most effective and convenient jurisdictions for obtaining gaming licenses thanks to its wide range of benefits. It is notable that the Isle of Man has been issuing gambling licenses since as early as 2001. SBSB Firm has over 6 years’ experience in providing services related to the receipt of gaming licenses in various jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man.

Benefits of getting a gambling license in the Isle of Man:


0% profit tax

Lenient regulatory framework

Suitable for all types of gambling services

Positive attitude towards digital assets

Good connections with Great Britain

Low taxes on gross proceeds from the gambling business

“Whitelisted” jurisdiction

Who needs a gambling license in the Isle of Man?

If you have plans to do business with the Commonwealth member states and also approach the British market and promote your gambling project there, you certainly need to consider a gaming license in the Isle of Man.

SBSB International Legal Firm has an extensive portfolio of successful gambling license issues in the Isle of Man. If you are considering creating a company with online gaming and casino operations, our experienced lawyers will be happy to give relevant advice.

Gaming license in Curaçao: an advantageous jurisdiction for launching a gambling project

Obtaining a gambling license in Curaçao is a great solution for anyone intending to launch their own gambling project. SBSB Firm advises its customers to consider a gambling license in Curaçao as it offers multiple benefits.

Benefits of a Curaçao gambling license:

Highly streamlined and simple licensing process

Suitable for all types of gambling services

Budget-friendly licensing segment

Quick launch. With all necessary documents in good order the launch will take two weeks

Minimum documents

Option to operate in the European markets

Who needs a gambling license in Curaçao?

If you are new to online games of chance, you should definitely get a gambling license in Curaçao. It is the easiest to obtain, and it covers all kinds of gaming. A license issued in Curaçao will help your company earn the respect and trust of customers.

We at SBSB can offer you a number of ready-made solutions to obtain a gaming license in Curaçao. Besides, you can benefit from our current promo, saving money and time on getting the gambling license.

We will help tackle miscellaneous tasks, including company registration in Curaçao, corporate account opening, merchant account connection, submission of corporate financial statements, preparation of various contracts for your website etc.

SBSB experts will be happy to help you obtain a gambling license in Curaçao, the Isle of Man or another jurisdiction. Join our Telegram chat for free online consultations.

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