The New Divorce Law

Published: 09 Jun 2021

Government Ministers have confirmed that the new divorce laws in England and Wales will come into force on 6th April 2022.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 will fundamentally reform the current divorce laws, which are widely considered to be out of date and can encourage a “blame game” between divorcing couples.

The New Divorce Rules

Divorcing couples will no longer need to blame the other for the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage and will for the first time be able to jointly apply for a divorce. It is hoped these changes will reduce the conflict and emotional turmoil that is often made worse by the current rules.

There will still be a two-stage legal process within the divorce proceedings with a minimum time frame of six months from starting the divorce to the divorce being completed. This rule is to allow a meaningful period of reflection and the opportunity to turn back and reconcile.

The new rules will remove the ability of one spouse to contest (defend) a divorce, which normally only serves to increase the distress and legal costs of both spouses. 

We welcome the confirmed date for when the new divorce laws will come into force.

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