Lifting Constraints on Investment in Algeria

Published: 14 Nov 2022

The economic operators welcome with great enthusiasm the publication of the texts of application relating to the law 22–18 on investment.

As published in the Official Journal No. 60 dated September 18, 2022, eight (08) texts of application detail the provisions of the law 22–18 that aim at boosting domestic and foreign investment in Algeria.

These texts relate to:

  1. The structure and function of the Haute commission nationale des recours related to investment.
  2. The structure and function of the Conseil National de l’Investissement (C.N.I).
  3. The organization and function of the Agence Nationale de Développement de l'Investissement (A.N.D.I).
  4. The procedures for registering investments, assigning or transferring investments, as well as the amount and procedures for collecting the fee for processing investment files.
  5. The lists of activities, goods and services not eligible for benefits, as well as minimum funding thresholds for the benefit of the transfer guarantee.
  6. The list of localities in areas of special investment interest to the State.
  7. The criteria for qualification of investments that structure the modalities of benefiting from operating advantages and evaluation grids.
  8. The monitoring of investments and measures to be taken in the event of non-compliance with the obligations and commitments entered into.

The investors expected these texts of application to answer the questions that remained for a long time in suspense and that concern :

- The intervention of the Guichet unique de l’A.N.D.I  in case of administrative blockage.

- The reform of the banking regulation as regards investment in order to facilitate the transfers of funds.

- The option of registering the investment before the administration, if there is a possibility to do without the tax benefits.

FARES GROUP LAW FIRM, with a solid experience in the area of investments, will be able to provide you with answers on the basis of these texts, and thus accompany you throughout your investment projects.

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